Planning to spring clean.
Aiming to be more vigilant with posting.
Halloween is around the corner

How often do we sit on our sofa after work wishing that we had a different job?

We think about what we would do if we were not at our day jobs. We make plans, our plan B. But how many of us actually make that change? The thought of the many bills that we have to pay without our day job. The thought of leaving what we know to walk through a door into unfamiliar territory is probably enough for us to place plan B in the bottom drawer. We'll bring it out again when we want to dream.

This leaves us with Plan C. Where did Plan C come from? Not long ago I read an article in the New York Times about Plan C, Maybe It’s Time for Plan C

This had me thinking. Maybe Plan C happens when we leap without thinking too much or when we get pushed without warning. Maybe, subconsciously,  Plan C is what we're all working towards.

I hate to admit it. Sometimes work keeps me up at night. Some days your head continues ticking away counting the number of things you have to do or the many ways you could have handled 'that' problem. Then I figure this scenario is not limited to work. It applies to anything in your life! What's your remedy when your head keeps ticking away? Do you have a notepad nearby to write your thoughts down and then go to sleep? :)

how do you escape?


Life can be overwhelming at times. How do we escape the routine of everyday life? How do we keep our "sanity"? For some, it's spending time with family. For others, it might be a book. What about a kickboxing class? Now that could be therapeutic. And for some of my writing buddies (yes I made up that term), we use writing. What could be more fun than sharing the tales in our head. We are masters of our play! (well... kinda) o_O
This Easter weekend, I came across a music video "Still in Love with You". Why am I sharing this discovery? I like the song (disclaimer: I don't understand the lyrics. But when has not understanding a language stopped anyone from listening to a song ^_^). And I think it's an interesting collaboration between Wong Fu Productions and Wang Leehom. I did some homework. WFP is US-based, and known to the online community as a YouTube sensation. I had a look around their website. They seem like young emerging filmmakers. Wang Leehom, an American artist based in Taiwan, is well known in the Asian market (possibly globally? but don't quote me. I'm not an authority on his pop status).
If you enjoy good ol' love stories or just want to read random thoughts of a random writer. Just Rambling is where you want to be :)

A first glance you'll think the next blog is about coffee, but it's really a travel blog and all the prep work that goes with it. If the idea of this blog catches your attention, then What's Brewin is where you head next :)
I haven't decided if I'm blogging or writing stories. I figure I'll do both for now. I stumbled across The Inugamis (also known as Murder of the Inugami Clan) over the weekend. This 2006 film is a remake of a classic by Kon Ichikawa. The original was filmed in 1976. A film involving a rich family in post-war area; a will; several murders, and untold secrets. I felt compelled to watch this movie from start to end, just cause I wanted to know what happened in the end. What caught my attention was the fact that Mr Ichikawa was apparently 91 when he remade his own film! It is impressive to be still working at that age!