I haven't decided if I'm blogging or writing stories. I figure I'll do both for now. I stumbled across The Inugamis (also known as Murder of the Inugami Clan) over the weekend. This 2006 film is a remake of a classic by Kon Ichikawa. The original was filmed in 1976. A film involving a rich family in post-war area; a will; several murders, and untold secrets. I felt compelled to watch this movie from start to end, just cause I wanted to know what happened in the end. What caught my attention was the fact that Mr Ichikawa was apparently 91 when he remade his own film! It is impressive to be still working at that age!
2/26/2012 21:25:01

Sounds like an interesting film. Maybe you could write a story with a similar storyline...

3/2/2012 12:28:52

I might just think about it, even though unsure if I'm up for writing murder in my stories yet lol

3/6/2012 19:45:36

It could be the next story after What If...

Are we going to get a new chapter soon???

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