This Easter weekend, I came across a music video "Still in Love with You". Why am I sharing this discovery? I like the song (disclaimer: I don't understand the lyrics. But when has not understanding a language stopped anyone from listening to a song ^_^). And I think it's an interesting collaboration between Wong Fu Productions and Wang Leehom. I did some homework. WFP is US-based, and known to the online community as a YouTube sensation. I had a look around their website. They seem like young emerging filmmakers. Wang Leehom, an American artist based in Taiwan, is well known in the Asian market (possibly globally? but don't quote me. I'm not an authority on his pop status).
6/5/2012 11:01:01

Wang Leehom is a famous American-Chinese singer, songwriter, actor, director base in Taiwan. My nieces and nephews are familiar with the name.

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