how do you escape?


Life can be overwhelming at times. How do we escape the routine of everyday life? How do we keep our "sanity"? For some, it's spending time with family. For others, it might be a book. What about a kickboxing class? Now that could be therapeutic. And for some of my writing buddies (yes I made up that term), we use writing. What could be more fun than sharing the tales in our head. We are masters of our play! (well... kinda) o_O
5/29/2012 09:37:40

Hi there! Nice to have you back :)

Oh I understand you, believe me... sometimes I just feel like getting away for a few days with no one to bother me. Sometimes I feel like being alone watching a movie, go out/chat with a friend, my aikido classes help too, but that's part of my job too so lol. A walk on the beach does wonders too. The list is endless :)

6/9/2012 18:10:02

I have considered taking myself to movies on my day off. One day. One day I will actually carry out that plan :)

6/5/2012 10:50:28

Daydream...and then write it down! That's what I'd do if I feel stressed out. I would imagine a different scenario, a more relaxed one of course, then I'll calm down. Sometimes that daydreaming becomes infused with my storyline and I'll write it down. Weird? Sometimes I think I am :P

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